The whisper of the Tuscan hills :: Villa di Collina – villa on the hills

What do we know about Tuscany? It is a region of Italy that had once stepped out of the sea. Tuscany owes its name to the ancient Etruscan people. Many kings and emperors reigned over this land, constantly changing its capital city: Lucca, Siena, Florence. Ancient and medieval periods in Tuscany are rich in the history that gives the background for the bright lives of affluent and powerful families. Tuscany, along with the whole Italy, even nowadays is full of manors and villas that have for centuries belonged to aristocratic families. Every manor has a unique life-story with a history that often spans centuries including their survival through many civil and two world wars. Here we will give you a glimpse into one such villa, the Villa di Collina, in this article.

Villa di Collina in TuscanyVilla di Collina – villa on the hills of Tuscany.
Although no official records have been found, the origins of Villa di Collina goes back many centuries, to the Middle Ages. The villa was first shown on the maps of Mugello region (a region today famous for its international racing circuit (F1), but of great historical importance as it was from here that the Medici family originated) in 17th century; at that time it belonged to the Martelluci family. In the middle of the following century, the family of current owner inherited the manor. It is important to note that, up to this day, the villa has preserved its original aristocratic look, the same look that it was proud of several centuries ago. People have changed, but Villa di Collina has remained the same – in harmony with nature and environment.

The current owner of Villa di Collina is the Marquis Lorenzo Bartolini Salimbeni,  he says of the villa… “We inherited this villa,the dining room in the villa di collina here we were born and raised, and I have to admit that we are really lucky to have had it as a part of our lives. Every time I come here to welcome our guests from all over the world, or spend my own holiday, I feel that I am at a truly historic place and I always wonder what might have happened here in the long time before us. Sometimes it seems that time has stopped here, and I forget about all mundane matters”

The story of the villa during the Second World War is amazing, it was a time when the manor was used as the temporary headquarters of Wermacht and Allied Powers. Inscriptions in German and English, as well as the signatures of solders can still be seen on some of the walls. Nowadays, one can also still find the words “Waschzeit” and “Food Store” on the walls… In these moments, and with such a clear insight into the past, it is easy to let your imagination run as you start thinking about the history that is attached to the villa; human destinies and paths that crossed having started and finished somewhere far from here. The epochal history of the Villa di Collina, along with many other villas and manors in Tuscany and Italy, started centuries ago with the first stone of the Villa.

Nowadays, Villa di Collina’s doors are open to anyone who wishes to visit the heart of the lush Tuscan countryside, enjoy panoramic views and sweeping vineyards, pristine nature and whispering hills.

Villa di Collina – Villa on the Hills of Tuscany

Post info supplied by Victoria Boukhanets

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